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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Development and the role of the state; Visions of post-revolutionary Georgian government (Working paper)სოციალურ მეცნიერებათა ცენტრი; Rekhviashvili, Lela; რეხვიაშვილი, ლელა
2015Doing Business in GeorgiaBorroni, Andrea
2015Dynamics of the thirty-year moving average values of the air temperature in Tbilisi and St.-Petersburg with 1851 to 2010 and their extrapolation to 2051-2080.Amiranashvili, A.; Chargazia, Kh.; Trofimenko, L. A.
2019Effect of Climate Change on the Freezing Level in KakhetiJamrishvili, N.; Tavidashvili, Kh.
2019Effect of Solar Forces on EarthquakesNurtaev, B.
2018Effects of Variations of the Monthly Mean Air Temperature on the Population Health of Imereti Region of GeorgiaMikheil Nodia Institute of Geophysics of Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia; Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affair of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia; National Environmental Agency of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia; Georgian State Teaching University of Physical Education and Sport, Tbilisi, Georgia; Amiranashvili, A,G.; Japaridze, N.D.; Kartvelishvil, L.G.; Khazaradze, K.R.; Khazaradze, R.R.
2018Entropy Production Equation for the Open System as a Theoretical Basis of Energy Generation from Heat Energy of Environment - Physical Foundations of Tornado Type PhenomenonAptsiauri, A.; Aptsiauri, G.
2019Estimation of the Critical Size of Hailstones in Clouds non Prejudiced to Agriculture in KakhetiJamrishvili, N.; Tavidashvili, Kh.
2018Estimation of the Diameter of Fallen to the Earth's Surface Hail Stones Taking into Account Their Size in the Cloud and the Heights of Zero Isotherm Under the Conditions of Kakheti Region of GeorgiaMikheil Nodia Institute of Geophysics of Tbilisi State University; Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University; Jamrishvili, N.K.; Tavidashvili, Kh.Z.
2010Estimation of Zugdidi and Tbilisi thermal water DepositsKapanadze, N.; Melikadze, G.; Janelidze, P.
2019Evaluation of Electromagnetic Radiation Power in Connection with Seismic Activity in the Tskaltsminda-Ureki Geomagnetic Anomaly AreaKereselidze, Z.; Melikadze, G.; Jimsheladze, T.
2014Evaluation of recharge origin of groundwater in the Alazani-Iori basins, using hydrochemical and isotope approachesIv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics; Czech Technical University in Prague; Faculty of Civil Engineering; Melikadze, George; Jukova, Natalia; Todadze, Mariam; Vepkhvadze, Sopio; Kapanadze, Nino; Chankvetadze, Alexandre; Jimsheladze, Tamar; Vitvar, Tomas; Меликадзе, Г.И.; Жукова, Н. О.; Тодадзе, М. Ш.; Вефхвадзе, С. Г.; Капанадзе, Н. А.; Чанкветадзе, А. Ш.; Кобзев, Г.Н.; Джимшеладзе, Т.А.; Витвар, Т. А.; მელიქაძე, გიორგი; ჟუკოვა, ნატალია; თოდაძე, მარიამ; ვეფხვაძე, სოფიო; კაპანაძე, ნინო; ჭანკვეტაძე, ალექსანდრე; ჯიმშელაძე, თამარ
2019Evaluation of the Effect of the Redistribution Of Precipitation by the Method of the Climatic AverageGekkieva, S.
2013EVALUATION OF WATER LEVEL OBSERVATION TECHNOLOGY ON THE TERRITORY OF GEORGIAMelikadze, G.; Todadze, M.; Kobzev, G.; Jimsheladze, T.; Sborshchikov, S.; Kapanadze, N.
2011Evolution of methodology multi-parametrical Observation on the territory of GeorgiaKapanadze, N.; Melikadze, G.; Machaidze, Z.; Kimotidze, Sh.; Bedianishvili, Kh.
2011The Feedback Effect of Intensity of Ionizing Radiation With the Light Ions Content in Atmosphere. Paradox (the Tbilisi Type of a Smog), or Usual Phenomenon for the Strongly Pollution Cities?.Amiranashvili, A.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.
2012-12-06Gender, violence, and politicsპოლიტიკისა და საერთაშორისო ურთიერთობების დეპარტამენტი, ოქსფორდის უნივერსიტეტი; Frazer, Elizabeth; ფრეიზერი, ელიზაბეტ
2011Geodynamical impact on the hydrodynamic fieldMelikadze, G.; Kapanadze, N.; Kobzev, G.; Jimsheladze, T.
2010Geodynamical impacts on the water level Variations in boreholesJimsheladze, T.; Melikadze, G.; Kobzev, G.; Zhukova, N.
2012Geogia, Russia and the North Caucasus is enmity what states make of it? (Working paper)სოციალურ მეცნიერებათა ცენტრი; Khelashvili, George; ხელაშვილი, გიორგი