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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1924H2SO4 N1-
2019Hail Storms in Georgia in 2016-2018Janelidze, I.; Pipia, M.
2018-04-19Health Promotion and Disease PreventionDoncho, Donev; Pavlekovic, Gordana; Zaletel Kragelj, Lijana
2004Health promotion. Philosophy, Prejudice and Practice. 2nd ed.Seedhouse, David
2014HepatologyMauss, Stefan; Berg, Thomas; Jurger, Rockstroh; Wedemeyer, Heiner
2015Hydrogeochemical and Stable Isotope Monitoring and Numerical Modelling of Groundwater Resource in Eastern Georgia to Secure Stability and Quality of Water SupplyMelikadze, G.; Jukova, N.; Todadze, M.; Vepkhvadze, S.; Kapanadze, N.
2014Hydrogeological and Speleometeorological Dynamics of the Prometheus and Sataplia Show-Caves, Imereti, GeorgiaEnvironment Agency and Universityof Vienna, Austria; Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria; Tbilisis State University, Tbilisi, Georgia; Kralik, Martin; Pavuza, Rudolf; Melikadze, George; Кларик, Мартин; Равуза, Рудолф; Меликадзе, Гиоргий; კრალიკი, მარტინ; პავუზა, რუდოლფ; მელიქაძე, გიორგი
1967–02–17I группа «Равные по рангу”Акопов, Г.
1913I. ქართული ენისთვის ბრძოლა 1882-1910 წლებში.-II.ვინ დაიცვა ქართული ენა სამეგრელოს სამრევლო შკოლებში?ჟორდანია, თ[ედო]
1987Ilia Nestorovich VekuaBitsadze, Andria; Khvedelidze, Boris
2017Impact of the Zonal Flows on the Relative Short-Scale ULF Electromagnetic Waves in the Shear Flow Driven IonosphereChargazia, Kh., Z.
2015Increasing Public Awareness of Different Types of Geophysical Catastrophes, Possibilities of Their Initiation as a Result of Terrorist Activity, Methods of Protection and Fight With Their Negative ConsequencesAmiranashvili, A.G.
2010Induced seismicity due to the oil production in Tbilisi region, GeorgiaChelidze, T.; Jimsheladze, T.; Melikadze, G.
2011Influence of Aerosol Pollution of Atmosphere in Tbilisi on Air Electric Conductivity in DushetiAmiranashvili, A.; Amiranashvili, V.
2013Investigation of carbon dioxide fluxes and possibility its storage in GeorgiaMelikadze, G.; Körting, O.; Kapanadze, N.; Müller, B.; Todadze, M.; Chankvetadze, A.; მელიქაძე, გ; კორტინგ, ო; კაპანაძე, ნ.; მიულერ, ბ.; თოდაძე, მ.; ჭანკვეტაძე, ა.; Меликадзе, Г.; Кортинг, О.; Капанадзе, Н.; Мюлер, В.; Тодадзе, М.; Чанкветадзе, А.
1912Iоаннъ Ксифилинъ, продолжатель Симеона МетафрастаКекелидзе, Корнелий
2011Journal of Law. N1, 2011Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; Faculty of Law; Zoidze, Besarion
2012Journal of Law. N1, 2012Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; Faculty of Law; Zoidze, Besarion
2013Journal of Law. N1, 2013Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; Faculty of Law; Burduli, Irakli
2014Journal of Law. N1, 2014Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; Faculty of Law; Burduli, Irakli