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Title: Study of geomagnetic variations in Georgia and Establishment of anomaly nature of earthquake Precursors
Authors: Jimsheladze, T.
Melikadze, G.
Kikuashvili, G.
Mavrodiev, S.
Pekevski, L.
Chkhitunidze, M.
Keywords: გეოფიზიკა
geomagnetic quake
density of earthquake radiated energy
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: COMPLEX RESEARCH OF EARTHQUAKE’S FORECASTING POSSIBILITIES, SEISMICITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE CORRELATIONS, BlackSeaHazNet Training-Seminar Workshop 13-16 Sept, 2011,Tbilisi, Georgia. Vol. 2. pp.205-214
Abstract: Before strong earthquake magnetic precursors denoted by many authors, but must to say, that more of them don’t satisfy stern criterions. There are many examples of geomagnetic anomaly in Georgia too: a few weeks before earthquakes in Spitak, anomaly grows of low frequency geomagnetic pulsation amplitudes were fixed in Geophysics Laboratory of Dusheti. The, “When, where and how” earthquake prediction problem is not solved but is an actual problem for a long time. From 1989 researches on possible connection between geomagnetic variations and incoming earthquake started in INRNE. (Mavrodiev S. Cht., Thanassoulas C., Possible correlation between electromagnetic earth fields and future earthquake, INRNE-Bas, Seminar proceeding, July 23-27, 2001, Sofia, Bulgaria, ISBN 954-9820-05-X,2001). From February 2006 Ukraina was included in INRNE, BAS geomagnetic and Earthquake monitoring. From January 2009 Georgia with its Geomagnetic observatory of Dusheti was also included in INRNE, BAS. For estimation of the geomagnetic variations as a reliable precursor the specific time analysis was discovered for digital definition of Geomagnetic Quake and proposed a way for interval defined from the extremum of local tide variations [ S. Cht. Mavrodiev, 2001]. Georgian Geomagnetic stations can input important information for space dependences of precursor intensity as part of complex regional NETWORK of PrEqTiPlaMagInt 206 collaboration (Prediction Earthquake Time Place Magnitude Intensity). We introduce the primary work-up results of data received from the Dusheti Magnetic Observatory which was worked up for investigation of earthquake prediction on the basis of geomagnetic variations.
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