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Title: The geomagnetic variations in Dusheti Оbservatori (January-June 2013)
Вариации геомагнитного поля на Душетской обсерватории (Январь – Июнь 2013)
დუშეთის ობსერვატორიაზე დაფიქსირებული გეომაგნიტური ველის ვარიაციები (იანვარი - ივნისი 2013)
Authors: Jimsheladze, T.
Melikadze, G.
Chankvetadze, A.
Gagua, R.
Matiashvili, T.
ჯიმშელაძე, თ.
მელიქაძე, გ.
ჭანკვეტაძე, ა.
გაგუა, რ.
მათიაშვილი, თ.
Джимшеладзе, Т.
Меликадзе, Г.
Чанкветадзе, А.
Гагуа, Р.
Матиашвили, Т.
Keywords: გეოფიზიკა
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Journal Of The Georgian Geophysical Society Issue (A). Physics of Solid Earth. vol.16A 2013, pp.37-43.
საქართველოს გეოფიზიკური საზოგასდოების ჟურნალი სერია ა. დედამიწის ფიზიკა. ტომი 16ა 2013, გვ.37-43.
Description: Georgia is a part of the far-extending seismically active region, which includes the whole Caucasus, Northern parts of Turkey, Bulgaria, etc. These territories witnessed several intense destructive earthquakes. Thus carrying out possible short-term prognosis of earthquakes is very important for the country. The statistic evidence for reliability of the geomagnetic precursor is based on the distributions of the time difference between occurred and predicted earthquakes for the period January-June of 2013 for Dusheti region. Before strong earthquake magnetic precursors denoted by many authors, but must to say, that more of them don’t satisfy stern criterions. For estimation of the geomagnetic variations as reliable precursor it was discovered the specific time analysis for digital definition of Geomagnetic Quake and proposed way for interval defined from the extremum of local tide variations. The method of earthquake’s predictions are based on the correlation between geomagnetic quakes and the incoming minimum (or maximum) of tidal gravitational potential. The geomagnetic quake is defined as a jump of day mean value of geomagnetic field one minute standard deviation measured at least 2.5 times per second. The probability time window for the incoming earthquake or earthquakes is approximately ± 1 day for the tidal minimum and for the maximum- ± 2 days.
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