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Title: Journal of Law. N1, 2012
Authors: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Faculty of Law
Zoidze, Besarion
Keywords: სამართალი
Issue Date: 2012
Description: 1. Marina Garishvili "Characteristics of Ancient Rome Criminal Law Process"; 2. Davit Bostoghanashvili "Several Critical Comments on Views Stated in the Dissertation Work of Davit Chikvaidze "Church (Canon) Law Process"; 3. Michael Bichia "Object of Civil Legal Relations"; 4. Irma Gelashvili "Legal Status of Frozen Embryo"; 5. Tamar Zoidze "Payment of Damages, Caused by the Substandard Product in Court Practice of Georgia"; 6. Giorgi Makharoblishvili "Remuneration and Insurance, as Legal Guarantee of Protection of Directors of Capital Companies against Responsibility"; 7. Natalia Motsonelidze "Principle of Restitution in Kind (According to Georgian and German Civil Codes)"; 8. Nata Sturua "Disclosure of information causing property harm"; 9. Akaki Kiria, Salome Kerashvili "Mergers & Acquisitions (Legal Foundations)"; 10. Sergi Jorbenadze "Issuance of Public Information in Georgia"; 11. Temur Tskitishvili "Attempt of Result Qualified Threat Tort"; 12. Bachana Jishkariani "Economic Criminal Law and Its Significance for the Contemporary States on the Example of Germany"; 13. Gvantsa Beselia "Which Role Can Ethics Management Play in the Improvement of the Performance of Public Administration? What is the Relationship between Ethics and Law in this respect?"; 14. Tamar Zaalishvili "Principle of Social State, Its Elements and the Human Right to Dignity – the Basis for Ensuring the Subsistence Minimum"; 15. Levan Makharashvili "Regionalism in Europe and in Georgia (Comparative legal analysis)"; 16. Ketevan Tskhadadze "The Need for a Representatives Institution in Administrative Law".
ISSN: 2233-3746
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