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Title: Journal of Law. N2, 2014
Authors: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Faculty of Law
Burduli, Irakli
Keywords: სამართალი
Issue Date: 2014
Description: 1. Michael Bichia "Scope of Civil Legal Concept of Dignity"; 2. Nona Zubitashvili "Assessment Standard of the Article 3.6 of Law of Georgia on Entrepreneurs from the View of Corporate Veil Piercing Doctrine"; 3. Eka Kavelidze "Vote of No-confidence as the Form of Government’s Political Responsibility"; 4. Tamta Mamaiashvili "Bank and Credit (Loan) Agreement and Court Settlement for the Violation of Credit Liabilities"; 5. Ana Ramishvili "The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Formation of Sustainable Model of Good Corporate Governance: Necessary Attributes and their Combination"; 6. Natia Chitashvili "Analysis of the Grounds Excluding Contractual Liability and their Attendant Legal Consequences in Changed Circumstances "; 7. LashaTsertsvadze "Directorate (director) Obligations on Merging of Companies and Acquiring Control Packet"; 8. Maka Nutsubidze "The Right of the Internally Displaced Persons to the Return to their Homes and Request Restitution of the Property"; 9. Guram Nachkebia "Juridical Thinking Rule and Resolution Part of the Verdict of Guilty"; 10. David Tsulaia "Prohibition of Torture According to the International Legal Norms"; 11. Maka Khodeli "Problem of Admissibility of Evidences Obtained via the Torture In the Criminal Law Procedure"; 12. Karlo Nikoleishvili "Compliance of Parole Board Activities with Standard of Fair Trial"; 13. Natalia Burduli "Are Diplomatic Assurances Effective Guarantee Against Torture? Guidelines for Authors".
ISSN: 2233-3746
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