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Title: Journal of Law. N1, 2016
Authors: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Faculty of Law
Burduli, Irakli
Keywords: სამართალი
Issue Date: 2016
Description: Medea Matiashvili - Homicide of Wife-Husband in the Old Georgian Law; Natia Chitashvili - Framework for Regulation of Mediation Ethics and Targets of Ethical Binding; Giorgi Amiranashvili - Functions of the Form of Transaction; Nino Ioseliani - Disproportionally High Contract Penalties and Role of the Court in the Sphere of Protection of Civil Interests; Guliko Kazhashvili - Role of the Perpetuation of Evidences and Claim Securrity in Litigation; Tamar Lakerbaia - European Model of Protection of the Consumers’ Rights in Distance Contracts – on the Example of Withdrawal Right; Solomon Menabdishvili - The Types of Vertical Agreements and the Restraints Therein in Terms of Competition Law; Ana Ramishvili - The Place of Shareholder Activism by Institutional Investors in Georgian System of Corporate Governance and Its Influence on International Merger Transactions; Salome Pruidze - The Right to Freedom of Expression with Regards to the Personality Rights to Honor and Reputation; Ekaterine Kardava - Development of Labor Relations Law on the Background of Euro-Integration Processes; Aleksandre Tsuladze - Conceptual Vision of Court Mediation; Dimitry Gegenava - Some Technical and Legal Problems of the Constitutional Agreement; Eka Kavelidze - Understanding of the Vote of Non Confidence, as a Political-Legal Mechanism; Lasha Margishvili - Territorial Organization of the State – Way of Overcoming the Conflict or the form of National Self-Determination; Lana Tsanava - The Power Balance Issues in the Semi-Presidential Republic; Beka Dzamashvili - Measures Aimed at Efficient Fighting against Discrimination by the State; Paata Javakhishvili - Constitutional Control over the Decisions of Ordinary Courts: Experience and Perspectives of the South Caucasus States; Giorgi Tumanishvili - Indictment and Deviation therefrom Trial on Merits; Giorgi Dgebuadze - Criminal Responsibility of the Superior for Omission in International Criminal Law; Kakha Tsikarishvili - Causation in Complicity in a Crime According to Georgian and Anglo-American Law; David Tsulaia - Crime and Criminality, as Manifestation Forms of Sin; Tamar Ghvamichava - Objectives and Scopes of Cassation in the Administration Process; Liana Giorgadze - Construction-Legal Status of the Land; David Makaridze - Legal Nature of Individual Administrative – Legal Act; Ilia Tsiklauri - Comparative Analysis of the Model of Resolution of the Tax Dispute in the System of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia; Marina Garishvili - Response to the Monograph by Prof. I. A. Isaev “Law Mythologemes: Jusice and Literature”.
ISSN: 2233-3746
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