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Title: Journal of Law. N2, 2016
Other Titles: The following issue is dedicated to the 65th birthday anniversary of the prominent representative of Georgian legal science Professor Tedo Ninidze
Authors: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Faculty of Law
Burduli, Irakli
Keywords: სამართალი
Issue Date: 2016
Description: Tamar Zarandia - Component Parts of a Thing and Appurtenance in Georgian Property Law; Ketevan Kochashvili - Will and Manifestation of the Will; Natia Chitashvili - Specificity of Some Ethical Duties of Lawyer Mediator and Necessity of Regulation; Lela Janashvili, Giorgi Gogiashvili - Problems with the Modern State Territorial Organization; Giorgi Amiranashvili - Some Characteristics of Formal Requirements for a Legal Transaction in American Law; Ana Tokhadze - Legislative Shortfall of Investor’s Protection in the Process of Involuntary “Typological Death” of Accountable Enterprise from the Exchange Stock; Mariam Ioseliani - The Role of Sydnicated Loan in Project Financing; Daria Legashvili - Peculiarities for Definition of the Essential Conditions of the Agreement Concluded in Favor of the Third Party on the Basis of an Independent Require; Nino Pepanashvili - The Presumption of Fault of Provider of Medical Services Under the Civil Code of Georgia;; Salome Kavtaradze - On Due Diligence, as the Issue of Legal Notion; Tamar Khubashvili - Obligations Related to the Property Rights Subject to Registration with the Public Registry; Maia Kopaleishvili - For Declaring the Legal Act Void; George G. Tumanishvili - Universal System of Sex/Gender Registration; Lasha Margishvili - Federalism as the Territorial Organization Form Historically Existing in Georgia; Zurab Jibgashvili - Definition of the Role of Arbitration of the President of Georgia and Some of its Features; Revaz Khoperia - A Rule of Carrying out Discretionary Power of an Administrative Agency; Giorgi Getiashvili - Substance of Community Service; Maia Kvirikashvili - Witness Coaching by a Prosecutor; Lasha Panchulidze - The Concept of Customs Value, Determination of its Essence and Amount According to the Note to Article 214 of the Criminal Code of Georgia; Khatia Shekiladze - The Substance of the Best Interests of the Child Ushangi Bakhtadze The Harm Principle as One of the Bases of Criminalization.
ISSN: 2233-3746
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