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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Air Pollution in Tbilisi in the Winter FogsAmiranashvili, A.; Bliadze, T.; Chikhladze, V.
2011Assessment of touristical-recreation potential of Georgia on background regional climate changeKartvelishvili, L.; Matzarakis, A.; Amiranashvili, A.; Kutaladze, N.
2019Changeability of Air Temperature and Atmospheric Precipitations in Tbilisi for 175 YearsAmiranashvili, A.
2020Changeability of the Holiday Climate Index (HCI) in TbilisiMikheil Nodia Institute of Geophysics of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia; National Environmental Agency of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia; University of Freiburg, Meteorological Institute, Germany; Amiranashvili, A.; Kartvelishvili, L.; Matzarakis, A.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; ქართველიშვილი, ლ.; მატზარაკისი, ა.; Амиранашвили, А.; Картвелишвили, Л.; Матзаракис, А.
2011Comparative Analysis of Air Equivalent - Effective Temperature in Some Cities of Georgia and BrazilAmiranashvili, A.; Mirianashvili, K.; Fedorova, N.; Levit, V.; Medeiros, Fabiana Carnauba; da Silva, Aliton Oliveira; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; მირიანაშვილი, ქ.; ფიოდოროვა, ნ.; ლევიტი, ვ.; მედეიროსი, ფაბიანა კარნაუბა; და სილვა, ალიტონ ოლივეირა
2011Comparative Characteristics of Light Ions Content in the Urban and Ecologically Clean Locality in GeorgiaAmiranashvili, A.; Bliadze, T.; Chankvetadze, A.; Chikhladze, V.; Melikadze, G.; Kirkitadze, D.; Nikiforov, G.; Nodia, A.
2020Comparison of the Holiday Climate Index (HCI) and the Tourism Climate Index (TCI) in TbilisiAmiranashvili, A.; Kartvelishvili, L.; Matzarakis, A.
2011Connection of Lightning Activity with Air Electrical Conductivity in DushetiAmiranashvili, A.
2009Correlation between radon distribution and prevalence of lung cancer in west GeorgiaMelikadze, G.; Amiranashvili, A.; Gvinianidze, K.; Tsereteli, D.; Todadze, M.
2015Dynamics of the thirty-year moving average values of the air temperature in Tbilisi and St.-Petersburg with 1851 to 2010 and their extrapolation to 2051-2080.Amiranashvili, A.; Chargazia, Kh.; Trofimenko, L. A.
2011The Feedback Effect of Intensity of Ionizing Radiation With the Light Ions Content in Atmosphere. Paradox (the Tbilisi Type of a Smog), or Usual Phenomenon for the Strongly Pollution Cities?.Amiranashvili, A.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.
2011Influence of Aerosol Pollution of Atmosphere in Tbilisi on Air Electric Conductivity in DushetiAmiranashvili, A.; Amiranashvili, V.
2015The monthly variations in mortality from the cardiovascular diseases in TbilisiAmiranashvili, A.; Chargazia, Kh.; Chikhladze, V.; Japaridze, N.; Khazaradze, K.; Амиранашвили, А.Г.; Чаргазия, Х.З.; Чихладзе, В.А.; Джапаридзе, Н.Д.; Хазарадзе, К.Р.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; ჩარგაზია, ხ.; ჩიხლაძე, ვ.; ჯაფარიძე, ნ.; ხაზარაძე, ქ.
2011Negative Correlation Between of Light Ions Content and Radon Concentration: Particularity of Tbilisi City Air Pollution, or Norm for the Urbanized Locality?Amiranashvili, A.
2011On the climate change in Georgia in the past, at present and in the future: what should be done for Filling the gapsAmiranashvili, A.; Matcharashvili, T.; Melikadze, G.; Chelidze, T.
2020Preliminary Results of a Study of the Relationship Between the Variability of the Mean Annual Sum of Atmospheric Precipitation and Landslide Processes in GeorgiaAmiranashvili, A.; Chelidze, T.; Dalakishvili, L.; Svanadze, D.; Tsamalashvili, T.; Tvauri, G.
2008Radon Distribution and Prevalence of Lung Cancer in Several Areas of West GeorgiaAmiranashvili, A.; Chelidze, T.L.; Gvinianidze, K. G.; Melikadze, G.I.; Todadze, M.Sh.; Trekov, .IY.; Tsereteli, D.G.; Амиранашвили, А.Г.; Челидзе, Т.Л.; Гвинианидзе, К.Г.; Меликадзе, Г.И.; Тодадзе, М.Ш.; Треков, И.Ю.; Церетели, Д.Г.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; ჭელიძე, თ.; ღვინიანიძე, კ.; მელიქაძე, გ.; თოდაძე, მ.; ტრეკოვი, ი.; წერეთელი, დ.
2020Some Results of Anti-Hail Works in Kakheti into 2016-2019Amiranashvili, A.; Chikhladz, V.e; Kveselava, N.; Sauri, I.
2014Some results of study of variations of light ions concentration and their connections with the ionizing radiation and sub-micron aerosol content in air under the conditions of Tbilisi cityAmiranashvili, A.
2009Statistical Characteristics of Flash Flood in GeorgiaAmiranashvili, A.; Dolidze, J.; Tsereteli, N.; Varazanashvili, O.