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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Air Pollution in Tbilisi in the Winter FogsAmiranashvili, A.; Bliadze, T.; Chikhladze, V.
2011Assessment of touristical-recreation potential of Georgia on background regional climate changeKartvelishvili, L.; Matzarakis, A.; Amiranashvili, A.; Kutaladze, N.
2019Changeability of Air Temperature and Atmospheric Precipitations in Tbilisi for 175 YearsAmiranashvili, A.
2011Comparative Analysis of Air Equivalent - Effective Temperature in Some Cities of Georgia and BrazilAmiranashvili, A.; Mirianashvili, K.; Fedorova, N.; Levit, V.; Medeiros, Fabiana Carnauba; da Silva, Aliton Oliveira; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; მირიანაშვილი, ქ.; ფიოდოროვა, ნ.; ლევიტი, ვ.; მედეიროსი, ფაბიანა კარნაუბა; და სილვა, ალიტონ ოლივეირა
2011Comparative Characteristics of Light Ions Content in the Urban and Ecologically Clean Locality in GeorgiaAmiranashvili, A.; Bliadze, T.; Chankvetadze, A.; Chikhladze, V.; Melikadze, G.; Kirkitadze, D.; Nikiforov, G.; Nodia, A.
2011Connection of Lightning Activity with Air Electrical Conductivity in DushetiAmiranashvili, A.
2009Correlation between radon distribution and prevalence of lung cancer in west GeorgiaMelikadze, G.; Amiranashvili, A.; Gvinianidze, K.; Tsereteli, D.; Todadze, M.
2015Dynamics of the thirty-year moving average values of the air temperature in Tbilisi and St.-Petersburg with 1851 to 2010 and their extrapolation to 2051-2080.Amiranashvili, A.; Chargazia, Kh.; Trofimenko, L. A.
2011The Feedback Effect of Intensity of Ionizing Radiation With the Light Ions Content in Atmosphere. Paradox (the Tbilisi Type of a Smog), or Usual Phenomenon for the Strongly Pollution Cities?.Amiranashvili, A.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.
2011Influence of Aerosol Pollution of Atmosphere in Tbilisi on Air Electric Conductivity in DushetiAmiranashvili, A.; Amiranashvili, V.
2015The monthly variations in mortality from the cardiovascular diseases in TbilisiAmiranashvili, A.; Chargazia, Kh.; Chikhladze, V.; Japaridze, N.; Khazaradze, K.; Амиранашвили, А.Г.; Чаргазия, Х.З.; Чихладзе, В.А.; Джапаридзе, Н.Д.; Хазарадзе, К.Р.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; ჩარგაზია, ხ.; ჩიხლაძე, ვ.; ჯაფარიძე, ნ.; ხაზარაძე, ქ.
2011Negative Correlation Between of Light Ions Content and Radon Concentration: Particularity of Tbilisi City Air Pollution, or Norm for the Urbanized Locality?Amiranashvili, A.
2011On the climate change in Georgia in the past, at present and in the future: what should be done for Filling the gapsAmiranashvili, A.; Matcharashvili, T.; Melikadze, G.; Chelidze, T.
2008Radon Distribution and Prevalence of Lung Cancer in Several Areas of West GeorgiaAmiranashvili, A.; Chelidze, T.L.; Gvinianidze, K. G.; Melikadze, G.I.; Todadze, M.Sh.; Trekov, .IY.; Tsereteli, D.G.; Амиранашвили, А.Г.; Челидзе, Т.Л.; Гвинианидзе, К.Г.; Меликадзе, Г.И.; Тодадзе, М.Ш.; Треков, И.Ю.; Церетели, Д.Г.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; ჭელიძე, თ.; ღვინიანიძე, კ.; მელიქაძე, გ.; თოდაძე, მ.; ტრეკოვი, ი.; წერეთელი, დ.
2014Some results of study of variations of light ions concentration and their connections with the ionizing radiation and sub-micron aerosol content in air under the conditions of Tbilisi cityAmiranashvili, A.
2009Statistical Characteristics of Flash Flood in GeorgiaAmiranashvili, A.; Dolidze, J.; Tsereteli, N.; Varazanashvili, O.
2010Tourism Climate Index in BatumiAmiranashvili, A.; Matzarakis, A.; Kartvelishvili, L.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; მატზარაკისი, ა.; ქართველიშვილი, ლ.; Амиранашвили, А.Г.; Матзаракис, А.; Картвелишвили, Л. Г.
2008Tourism Climate Index in TbilisiAmiranashvili, A.; Matzarakis, A.; Kartvelishvili, L.; Амиранашвили, А.; Матзаракис, А.; Картвелишвили, Л.; ამირანაშვილი, ა.; მატზარაკისი, ა.; ქართველიშვილი, ლ.
2015Tourism climate index in the coastal and mountain locality of Adjara, GeorgiaAmiranashvili, A.; Chargazia, Kh.; Matzarakis, A.; Kartvelishvili, L.
2019Weather Modification in Georgia: Past, Present, Prospects for DevelopmentAmiranashvili, A.; Chikhladze, V.; Dzodzuashvili, U.; Ghlonti, N.; Sauri, I.; Telia, Sh.; Tsintsadze, T.