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Title: ჟორჟ დიუმეზილი – ლაზურის მკვლევარი
Georges Dumezil – The scholar of Laz Language
Authors: ბუკია, მანანა
Bukia, Manana
Keywords: ენათმეცნიერება
ლაზური ენის მკლევარი
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: სოხუმის უნივერსიტეტის შრომები 5, ჰუმანიტარულ და სოციალურპოლიტიკურ მეცნიერებათა სერია, თბილისი, 2008, გვ. 47-52
Sokhumi State University’s Proceedings, V, Humanities, Social and Political Sciences Series, Tbilisi, 2008, p. 47-52
Abstract: A Prominent French scientist made a great conrtibution to development of Kartvelology (Kartvelian studies). He recorded and published several editions of Laz texts: „Contes Lazes“ (Laz tales) – in 1937, „Recits Lazes en Dialecte d’Arhavi“ (Laz Stories in Arhavi dialect), within the series „Documents Anatolies sur les Langues et les traditions du Caucase“ – in 1967, „Textes en lazes d'Ardesen“ (Laz texts from Ardashen), in volumes XXIX-XXX of „Bedi Kartlisa“ – in 1972, “Analyse des formes verbales d'un texte Laze (Hopa)“ (Analyze of the verbal forms from Laze texts (Hopa), in “Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure“ – published in 1987 (after the death of G. Dumezil). „Laz Tales” and “Laz Stories“ were recorded from a narrator in Arhavi dialect of Laz language with 30 years interval and they distinctly reveal the changes in Laz language during this period. Prefaced for the texts are the „Grammar Sketchesს“ by G. Dumezil, dealing with specific issues of Laz phonetics, grammar and lexicology. 1967 „Stories“ include comments by P. N. Boravat, professor of folklore at Ankara University, comparing the stories with Turkish folkore. In the phonetic system of Arhavi dialect there is a remarkably high number of diphthongs in verbal forms; f consonant naturally occurs in „borrowed“ words, being present as well in the basic vocabulary: imcqfetu „boasted“, gomotfu „covered“, etfaler „covering“...; r is disappeared in the intervocalic position or > y (oxori > oxoy > oxo – „house“, baraberi > baabey - „together“...). H consonant often disappears (Heko // eko – „this“, Hangda // Andga – „today“, daha // daa – „again“...). G.Dumezil texts preserved many words, which did not occur yet in Laz dictionares.
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