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Title: კოლხურ-აფხაზური ისტორიულ-ეთნოგრაფიული ურთიერთობების ასახვა ტრანსჰუმანსურ ლექსიკაში
The Reflection Of Colchian-Abkhazian Historicoethnographic Relationships In Megrelian Vocabulary
Authors: ბუკია, მანანა
Bukia, Manana
Keywords: ენათმეცნიერება
კოლხურ-აფხაზური ისტორიულ-ეთნოგრაფიული ურთიერთობების
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: The substrata of Kartvelian languages and particularly of Megrelian in the Abkhazian language, in one hand, and the vocabulary thematics adopted from Abkhazian into Megrelian, on the other, also the scope of spread and semantic gradation enable us to reconstruct the real picture of the historico-ethnographic situation that has been rendered vaguely or presented biassed. The semantic group of transhumance vocabulary selected for the analyses here asserts once again the idea long accepted in the specialists literature that much of the vocabulary material spread in Megrelian (resp. Kartvelian other languages) from Abkhazian is related to the animal farming or to the mountain landscape. Abkhazian language borrowed from Georgian and other Kartvelian (chiefly by way of Megrelian) names of tools of everyday usage, farming and artisanship, buildings, cultural plants, agriculture and Christian religious terms. The background of such data does not allow speaking about „centuries - old neighborhood“ of Mergelians and Abkhazians within the limits of the modern territories and boundaries.
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