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Title: მეგრულ-აფხაზური ენობრივი ურთიერთობის დინამიკა (მეცხენეობის ლექსიკის მიხედვით)
Historical Dynamics Of The Linguistic Relationship Between Megrelian And Abkhazian (On The Example Of The Vocabulary Of Horse-Breeding)
Authors: ბუკია, მანანა
Bukia, Manana
Keywords: ენათმეცნიერება
მეგრულ-აფხაზური ენობრივი ურთიერთობები
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: ქართველური მემკვიდრეობა, ტ. 4, ქუთაისი, 2000 2. გვ. 98105
Abstract: Megrelian dialect of the Colchian language and the Abkhazian language have considerable amount of common lexical units of cattle-beeding, and, particularly, of horse-breeding. The material for analysis is presented in three groups: a. Words that entered into the Abkhazian language from the Kartvelian languages through Megrelian; b. Abkhazian borrowings in Megrelian; c. Lexical units that were borrowed from oriental languages by Abkhazian in which one can trace Megrelian language elements as the evidence of the intermediary link. Thematic groups of lexical units of mutual borrowings and ethnographical materials describing the routes through which Abkhazian and Megrelian let their cattle on the one hand, and on the other, the mechanism of possible phonological adaptation of words by the recipient language make detectable the nature of the dynamics of mutual influences of the languages.
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