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Title: Natural water supply in Georgia
Природная водообеспечен¬ность Грузии
Authors: Meskhia, R.
Tsintsadze, Tengiz
Месхия, Р. Ш.
Цинцадзе, Т. Н.
Keywords: Hydrological features of landscapes
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: Р11 503210596070 10117) Water re¬sources, MAIK "Science / Interpe¬riodica" RAS PMG Enterprises Ltd. v.34, No. 1 p.113 -115
(Р11 503210596070 10117) Вод¬ные ресурсы, МАИК «Нау¬ка/интерпериодика» РАН ПМГ Интерпрайзис Лтд. т.34, №1 с.113 -115
Abstract: On the instance of Eastern Georgia, a new approach towards generalization and numerical implementation of the runoff of the mountain rivers developed proceeding from the hydrological features of the landscapes has been brought.
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